How to Create a Powerful Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch helps you articulate your unique talents, product differences and solution value.  What they have in common is they are delivered in a very short time frame.   Some pitches take 10 seconds, others may require 45 seconds.  It depends on the audience and circumstances.  For example, in a casual conversation, someone may ask what you do?  Most people tell them their job description and leave it at that.  Or you might consider something like this.

  • I help sales leaders improve their performance and create wealth by eliminating blind spots, one by one to win. 
  • I help people feel good about themselves with the skin-care line that I represent.
  • I work with sales leaders to rise to the top of the rankings in their organization by helping them ask powerful questions.
  • I work with companies that struggle with employee retention and burnout and replace it with improved employee productivity and quality of life.
  • I create a healthy environment for children to prosper.

These examples do not tell your audience who you are.  Instead, they articulate how you are going to help them.

Some coaches/mentors say that you should use a certain format for your elevator pitch.  For example, tell your audience:

  • Who you are, who you work for, what you do, the problem you solve and the benefit of what you provide?
  • Who you are and how you help?

If you haven’t done so, search the internet or You Tube for other EP ideas.  Then choose a format that you are comfortable with, creates the most curiosity/impact with your audience and make it part of your DNA.

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