Our Coaching

As an enterprise sales coach, I found that sales leaders retain a higher percentage of sales methodology when they are coached rather than trained.  That's because coaching is conducted over a period of time and sales training takes 1-3 days. And since I have experienced both curriculums, I can testify that 90% of what the salesperson learns in the training, is forgotten in a short period of time.


Coaching On-Boarding

Enterprise Sales Coaching On-Boarding (For Companies)

  1. Client determines who their A-D sales leaders are.
  2. Select B/C player you want to pilot the coaching  program with.
  3. Phone call to determine if there is a “match” between sales leader and coach.  If yes, coaching begins.

For Individual Sales Leaders

  1. Phone call to determine if there is a “match” between client and coach.  If yes, coaching begins.

My Technique

I listen, ask powerful questions, challenge you, and hold you accountable for yourself.  This will help you focus your thinking to ask powerful questions while probing the customer, and create repeatable frameworks for success in different sales scenarios.


Sales Navigation System

  • The SNS is the metaphor used to describe the sales cycle that includes a multitude of steps and strategies.
  • The intent is to help the sales leader manage the sales process and agendas that might develop along the way.
  • It helps answer the question, "What steps do I need to take to close the sale?”
  • The takeaway is that the sale leader can improve their performance without being judged by their manager. As a result, management will benefit by having a sales leader that has a higher degree of becoming an A player.