Generating Customer Demand

As important as it is to have great products, brand and service, it’s all for nought if your Sales Leaders (SL) can’t deliver value. Hence, what needs to happen in the sales experience to generate customer demand?

  • SL need to offer unique and valuable perspectives on the market.
  • SL help customers navigate alternatives.
  • SL educate customers on new ideas and outcomes.

Each of these attributes speaks to an urgent need for the customer not to buy something but to learn something. The customer is essentially looking for their suppliers to help them identify new opportunities to cut cost, increase revenue, penetrate new markets and to mitigate risk they have not recognized. Essentially the customer is saying rather emphatically, “Stop wasting my time. Challenge me. Teach me something I did not know”. If your sales team is delivering this kind of value, then I understand your reason for not making coaching a priority. However, if they are not, then can you give me an opportunity to help your team teach your customers new and innovative ways of thinking?”

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